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Offering the most refined Sicilian cuisine in an elegant setting in central Palermo, Cin Cin Restaurant invites you to a unique dining experience...

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Wonderful. Go!
At Via Manin 22 off Via Liberta."This is a really, really good restaurant. Sicily provides the traveller interested in food with many pleasant places to eat, generally all offering the same 'peasant' dishes. Cin Cin stands out as doing something different - raising classical Sicilian cuisine to higher levels of sophistication. The cooking is delicate and precise, lifting both standard dishes and the usual Sicilian ingredients to new heights. The meal I had was superb, each dish hitting just the right note between tradition and innovation, and between vibrancy of flavours and delicacy of conception and execution. Indeed the cooking did not put a foot wrong all the way through. The room is unpretentious and rather cosy. The wine list is comprehensive as to different regions and styles within Sicily. Charming and attentive service from the owner himself. It was overall a really great experience. Going to standard restaurants in Siciliy is great but after a while, the similarity of most menus starts to pall a bit. When you need something more interesting and more refined, come here for carefully thought-through neo-Sicilian cuisine, served in a nice ambience. Indeed, the cooking was good enough to draw me back - from the UK - to Sicily in general, and to Cin Cin in particular, in the very near future. In one word: Go!"

A delightful, serendipitous surprise
"When we were turned away from another well known restaurant around the corner (no reservation) we stumbled upon Ristorante Cin Cin and were so happy our evening unfolded that way. Owner Vicenzo Clemente was very helpful - and speaks excellent English having spent his early years in the American South. The atmosphere was inviting, serene enough to have conversation without yelling, and the food was excellent. We all enjoyed every dish. Excellent service, very friendly, wonderful night."

Good food, great service
"The food here was very tasty. I had the sword fish rolls which were good. My wife had the gnocchi with a gorgonzola cream sauce which I thought was light compared to most. The service is great. The owner lived in Louisiana for years and speaks perfect English. He is also very knowledgeable about food and wines. The place doesn't seat many people at once so you get a lot of attention. It was not too crowded when we ate around 9 so it was very quiet - which may make some uncomfortable. However, I found chatting with the owner enjoyable. Overall I would definitely go back!"

Grande finale of our Sicilian holiday
"Inspired by the reviews by other travellers we ventured to Cin Cin on the last evening of our two weeks in Sicily. What a wonderful experience! Subtle and refined cuisine, expert advice by the owner, great choice of wine, and a bill that didn't necessitate a raid on our savings. A very different experience from all the other enjoyable - but more touristy - meals we had in Sicily. A must for every visitor in search of refinement."

Best experience in Palermo...
"I never fully trust all the reviews I read, however I wish I had checked it before arriving in Palermo. We are a family of 4 and have lived in Sicily for nearly 7 years and have travelled all over Italy. This restaurant is one of the best we have visited and our experience at Cin Cin is unrivaled. The food while not traditional is local and based on those traditional dishes. Our first impression was a French influence, however after speaking with Vince we realized the Creole influence. We absolutely loved the food, location, ambience and the service. It was fine dining without the pompous attitude and inflated bill that is so common in tourist areas. Considering another trip to Palermo just to visit Cin Cin."

"Vincenzo Clemente and his mother operate Cin Cin Ristorante and don't disappoint. Our experience surpassed our expectations. The innovative dishes are a modern version of Sicilian cuisine and are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Vincenzo's friendly personality, the warm and cozy atmosphere and the great food and wine contributed to make our evening at Cin Cin a memorable one. Customers who don't speak Italian may also appreciate the fact that Vincenzo speaks perfect english. This restaurant is excellent and we highly recommend it."

Best Time We Had In Palermo!
"My wife and I just returned from a fantastic trip in Italy. The highlight of the entire trip was our morning/afternoon spent with Vincenzo and the cooking class. He met us early to take us through the markets and pick out what we would be making. He showed us things that we would have never found on our own and introduced us to several local dishes, only found in the market. After that, it was off to Cin Cin for a great afternoon of cooking and great company. If you are in Palermo, do not miss this opportunity!"

Great Food. Great Service. Great Owner
"We decided to go to this restaurant after reading a Frommer's review, and the proximity to our hotel. The owner, an LSU grad, was most accommodating and friendly. The Pasta con Sarde (a sicilian specialty) was absolutely the best I had in all of Sicily. Don't forget to try the mozzarella with strawberry preserves."

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