One-Day Market Cooking Class with Vincenzo e Mamma Lucia

These hands-on cooking classes begin at 9.30 am.

The meeting place is in front of the steps of the Massimo Theatre. A Palermo landmark, and very easy to find.

From there, we will walk to THE CAPO market where we will taste some great Palermo STREET FOOD, shop for the ingredients, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere for which the market is famous.

Then, it’s off to Cin Cin‘s kitchen.
Vincenzo and mamma Lucia will guide you through the class, leaving you the HANDS-ON experience.

Lunch is served with the dishes YOU PREPARED!
All beverages are included, and so is a souvenir apron.

Classes are limited to a minimum of 2 people and a max of 8 people, and usually last until 1:30 pm.

€ 150 per person 😉

For Info and Reservations:

If you would like more information regarding availability, write Vincenzo at
or call